There was some fun to be had in the i3MEDIA office on a Thursday afternoon when we discovered Google’s AR Search Feature! First, a giant panda popped up on our Marketing Manager's desk, making it quite difficult to get any keyword research done. That only opened the door to a menagerie of wild creatures! From penguins to Shetland ponies, we even had a great white shark appear. Have you tried out Google’s augmented reality search feature yet? What animals have you found?

What is Google AR?

Google AR, or augmented reality vision, is an upcoming Google Search feature that will be rolled out to all compatible smartphones on iOS and Android later this year. Users searching via Google will be given the option to tap for a 3D model that drops on the screen or can be used in conjunction with the phone camera to see the 3D model in real-world surroundings. Tap, swipe and pinch to manipulate the size and direction of the 3D model or use your phone to manually look around the model.

While 3D models of animals are very cool (and cute!) and a fun way to spend ten minutes messing around with the various options, it doesn’t offer much value as a tool right now. However, IKEA and have already seen an uptake of their augmented reality apps that allow users to choose a furniture piece and “place” it around the room, using their smartphone camera to see it in real-time.

What Will AR Bring to the Future?

With AR and VR (virtual reality) apps on the rise and the technology getting better every year, there are plentiful opportunities for these apps to be used day to day. From the already-available ability to see how furniture looks in your home to an exciting educational tool, the possibilities for AR are near limitless.

Potentially, AR and VR apps could be used for training individuals who work with their hands. Imagine building a boiler completely in virtual reality or learning the intricacies of surgery via augmented reality! The future of these technologies has untold possibilities and we are excited to see how this is going to develop.

Try Google Lens Today

Google Lens is Google’s augmented reality app. While it previously only searched for objects being scanned, recent features include shopping comparisons, animations, live translations and videos that will appear on certain scanned items, such as recipes, storybooks and more. Try it out for yourself! Google Lens is only available on Android and iOS right now, however, Google hopes to extend this to further hardware in the coming years.

As technology develops and smartphones become smarter, there is a whole world of exciting things to discover - what will you find? With mobile-first leading the charge for website design, will we start seeing more AR and VR applications built into dedicated mobile sites? Only time will tell.

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Posted On
Jun 17 2019