Digital is the future, but what is the present?

Many businesses over the last few years have begun to realise that being online and transforming into a digitally savvy entity requires more than just a website.

Our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on digital devices and their capabilities. There are very few questions we can’t find the answers to on the internet, and even fewer items we can’t purchase online.

However, this has now developed from an initial expectancy to a very refined set of guidelines that web users expect. When businesses approach the online market for the first time, there are giants out there who have been in the game for some time. One thing they have refined, in most cases very well, is their user journey and experience.

We have all become somewhat snobby when it comes to our experience online, readily awaiting guest checkout, excellent mobile-versions, reliable search facilities and so on.

So, how much consideration have you given to your customer journey?

Take the time to look at what your business offers and how people interact with you both on and offline. If you receive frequent enquiries via telephone, how accessible is your ‘contact us’ or ‘enquiry’ section. Perhaps this may lead you to look into an FAQs section.

Analytics is an excellent indicator of where your traffic is going on the site, where most time is spent, and what pages hold the highest bounce rate stats. These statistics are vital when it comes to ensuring your users are receiving the best experience.

The ability to make informed business decisions that will both refine your operations and will benefit the users of the site cannot be a bad thing.

At i3MEDIA, we have integrated Google Analytics and customised the dashboards within our CMS to ensure each client has specific insights that will benefit them and their business.

If you feel that your are making decisions in the dark, why not talk to us today about how these customised analytics and statistics could refine and streamline your digital business.

Posted On
Sep 22 2016