Whether you are Elf or Scrooge, the festive season is closing in on us and that means the office will begin engaging in all manner of cringe-worthy celebrations and activities.
If you are looking for ways to cheer up your drab and dull office and would like to inject a little festive warmth without it being overkill; take a look at our tips below.
If you want to opt for a classic look throughout your work environment, then be sure to stick with the traditional green, red and gold.
A true representative of the merry period is the wreath on the door; dazzling and inviting. This will be sure to set the tone, whether you’re a law firm or a local digital agency. Of course, once inside, opt for full and bushy tinsel in the colours above, strategically placed, perhaps in the reception and the kitchen area, so as not to detract too much from the work atmosphere.
Next up in the classic range is the false candles (see, we know all about health and safety here!). These add a true level of warmth and create that traditional inviting, friendly feel that Christmas is so eminent for.
If you are a little more modern in your workplace; perhaps you’re a PR company with brightly coloured furniture, then we have an answer for that too.
Take on the icy feel with blue, white and silver. That means plenty of glitter for all you sparkle lovers out there! Wreaths are available in all kinds of design and colour variations these days, not to mention the fake glittering snow that you can place on windows.
Shining stars, glittering tinsel and what can only be described as festive twigs, are all in-keeping with this modern seasonal feel.
If you’re surrounded by people that appear more like Santa’s bunch of over-dedicated helpers, then we wholly suggest you just go along with it! There is no fighting this lot!
Yes, that is right, you may well end up with Santa hat on, complete with bells hanging from everything possible in the office. However, we all love receiving those little candy canes, really! And while we have no idea what to buy for the receptionist on floor 7, trying to find something appropriate for a fiver is always a laugh, right?
So there you have it, from one digital agency to another, have covered exactly what it is you might be faced with, in this season of merriness and joy.

Posted On
Nov 14 2016