Q: You win a trip to any country in the world for a week, where would you pick and why?
A: Not as exotic as perhaps it could be, but America. Maybe Canada. The Southern States would definitely be first choice though. Good music, good food, Southern hospitality and lots of natural beauty and wilderness to explore. Oh. And sweet tea. That’s a big selling point!
Q: Given the chance to go back in time anywhere and anytime for one hour, what’d be your choice?
A: This is hard. There are so many places, so many times. I think I’d go back and check out a defining moment in one of the earliest civilisations. Maybe ancient Mesopotamia or something. Just because that’s something no one will ever be able to do. Or, I would go back and give myself a stern talking to before secondary school, explaining that white ankle socks are NOT your friend, and nor is a bowl cut with a fringe.
Q: You walk into the i3MEDIA office on a Monday morning and see a box of cookies on your desk, but they’re for someone else, would you have a sneaky one?
A: Depends if they’re Millie’s. If they are, then I would seriously consider it. But I wouldn’t. Even Millie’s cookies taste bad if they’re that much of a guilty pleasure!
Q: In your professional opinion, what do you see as the next big thing in digital?
A: I’m not sure about pinpointing a next big thing, but it will certainly be interesting to see where Alphabet/Google are going with their world domination, and what new services/products/tools they come up with.
Q: And in terms of the next thing to die off in the industry?
A: Quick fixes. At least, that’s what we’d hope. Google have made no secret of the fact that they want quality – and only quality – for their users. Some people out there still employ Black Hat (or “Grey” Hat) practices, to get quick return. And that works in the short term, but things like keyword stuffing and overusing exact match keyword anchor text are dying off to make way for more relevant, better quality content. Onsite practices are being tightened up to improve user experience, as well as rankings. And that’s where we want things to keep going. Digital marketing is a long term process for lasting success, so quick fixes are likely to struggle with Google’s increasingly strict guidelines.
Q: For you, what’s been the most exciting thing you’ve ever worked on at i3MEDIA?
A: There have been so many different projects to get excited about, and there’s always a chance to jump in and get involved with something. I’ve enjoyed being involved with various events, but one thing that always interests me is creative brainstorming.
Idea generation, working with new clients from scratch, and seeing the positive effects that work has is the most rewarding feeling. There is one client in particular that we have nurtured since around the time I started at i3MEDIA, and that meant I got to be involved with a lot of the milestones and various aspects of the campaign, so there’s this special kind of attachment to them, which makes it all the more exciting and rewarding to have seen such great success and progress since the early days.
Q: If you had to choose between losing a toe or gaining a finger, which would it be?
A: Gaining a finger, preferably on the left hand. That would make playing guitar a little easier (I think?!). But gloves would be the bane of my existence…
Q: i3MEDIA wouldn’t be i3MEDIA without…
A: The team’s sense of humour. Even the toughest days are enjoyable with our lot. I’ve worked a lot of places where a sense of humour becomes a coping mechanism. At i3MEDIA it’s more of a prerequisite. You have to be prepared to be laughed at, as well as with though! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sep 18 2015