Q: If you could have any mode of transport permanently on-call, what would it be?
A: Maybach Exelero in gleaming black, I’ll drive it myself thanks.
Q: If you went into ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ what would your worst fear be?
A: Creepy Crawlies, and Azeem’s disappointment that I’m not at work! Not sure which is worse, really.
Q: You walk into the i3MEDIA office on a Monday morning and saw Willy Wonka sat at your desk, what would you do?

A: Steal all his chocolate, tell him I’m his golden ticket and call him Johnny. Then I’d introduce him to the whole team during my Monday morning office meeting after making him buy them all breakfast. Just kidding, I’d kick him out, he’s made me put on enough weight as it is... And nobody sits in my chair! End of.
Q: In your professional opinion, what do you see as the next big thing in digital?
A: Mobile Platforms, apps and video marketing
Q: And in terms of the next thing to die off in the world of Marketing?
A: Print advertising, the world is getting increasingly tech-savvy by the day and will continue to do so until it dominates the world entirely. Soon, we will have trusty robots with artificial human intelligence and we will all be out of jobs. I bet you any money. (!)
Q: i3MEDIA have worked with a number of charities, if you were given £1million towards a charity – would you shave your hair off?
A: Only if you promised it would grow back thicker and longer. Of course I would, I’d be bordering on celebrity status!
Q: In your working life, have you ever pulled a sickie? (be honest with us!)
A: The last time I pulled a fake sickie was when I was 22. Now that I’m over 30, the conscience sets in. Note to team: if any of you pull a fake sickie, I’ll know about it, trust me.
Q: If you weren’t the Office Manager of i3MEDIA, what profession might you have fancied having a go at instead?
A: MD at i3MEDIA  - I reckon I could give him a run for his money. (or run off with it, whichever comes first!)
Q: i3MEDIA wouldn’t be i3MEDIA without…
A: Me. Just kidding. i3MEDIA wouldn’t be i3MEDIA without the intelligent team we have here.  The creative studio, our branding executives, our SEO geniuses, our brilliant team and above all our awesome clients!

Posted On
Sep 22 2015