Particularly within the digital marketing world, Google is viewed as the omnipotent party. But are Google as powerful as we think, and are they truly dominating everything in the industry? Well from what we can gather, possibly not.

Apple is renowned for hiding itself away for long periods of time, and then re-emerging with a new concept to blow us all away. So it may come as no surprise that this is exactly what they are currently in the final stages of doing.

Many of you may be familiar with the Google Now platform that compiles data from various apps and locations, and provides a comprehensive and intelligent round-up of information and events.

Well, those at Apple have been evolving the iOS Spotlight search feature for some time, and this has now materialised into a real-time iOS 9 update.

Not too dissimilar to Google Now, ‘Proactive’ will offer timely and relevant information based on the user and their device usage patterns. That said, sources have mentioned that they primarily want to maintain the trust of users, and will seek permission in terms of privacy settings.

However, aside from all the excitement of Apple fanatics, this has sparked discussion amongst critics, about the longevity of Google within Apple devices. For example, the scrapping of Google Maps in favour of Apple’s own maps.

Some have even gone so far as to say that there will be notable drops in the amount of searches performed via Google, in favour of things such as ‘Spotlight Search’. It’s thought that as much as 75% of Google’s mobile search revenue comes from Apple devices.

This figure indicates the market share that Apple has, and the reliance that Google potentially has on the digital giant. With all this taken into account, what we can certainly ascertain is that Google, Apple and mobile devices are all huge players in the digital shift toward exceptional user-experience.

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Posted On
May 29 2015