Instead of narcotics, we have chocolate cake
Gone are the days when Wall Street was a haggling bunch of snorting suit-clad ‘professionals’. Today, we are coffee-drinking converse-wearers that claim to be creative, and so our quirky behaviour is excused.
When we’re not getting our caffeine and biscuit fix, then we are calling clients and potential clients, explaining that we are the right agency to take their business forward. Following this, we invite them into the office for a meeting, and this is where we all have to be on our best behaviour and mustn’t come to work in our slippers.
On birthdays (and most Friday’s), we indulge in all sorts of naughty treats such as cake, croissants and doughnuts. The only downside is the phones and keyboards end up getting a portion of the sugar too!
Instead of ladies of the night, we have employee of the month
As we’re sure you may have already figured, the headquarters aren’t housing ladies in lingerie dancing on the tables. Although, we do have an employee of the month that occasionally gets a little rowdy with the Thornton’s chocolates.
We have told our office manager that perhaps we ought to change the gift, but instead it’s now chocolates and a trophy… Que the Bobby Moore style photo with the team in a 60s football kit.
Rather than swallowing goldfish, we sip tea
How on earth do we get all this fantastic work done for our clients with all this going on, you might ask. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that comes down to the fine art of sipping tea. Well, some of the guys seem to think it is okay to slurp (they get shut in the server room to consider their behaviour and think about what they’ve done).
Tea is like the fuel of i3MEDIA. If teabags run out, or the milk is down to the last drop – someone’s head will be on a stick. So we never run out.
And you guessed it, we don’t thump our chests, we tap keyboards
While Jordan Belfort looked on in an awkward moment as his new boss beat his chest in an upmarket NY restaurant, we take a slightly different approach.
The keyboards at i3 are the valiant warriors, every day they are punched and tapped, and although a little faded; they still remain on our side. And trust us, with the way some of our SEO team hit them keys, it’s a wonder their fingers are still intact!
So now that you know how it really is at the i3MEDIA headquarters, why not give us a call or drop us an email to see what we can do for your digital offering; whether it is an E-commerce website or an SEO campaign, we’re your agency.

Posted On
Sep 25 2015