Matt Cutts announces algorithm changes for mobile search results. If your website does not work properly on mobile devices, you will properly see a decline in ranks. 

In the next coming months Google will be changing their mobile search results to show only mobile optimised websites, but what does this mean?

There are a few common mistakes that websites do not fix:

Unplayable videos - Avoid content in formats, such as Flash, that are not supported by all mobile devices.

Faulty Redirects - A common error is to redirect a user trying to access a URL on the desktop site to an irrelevant URL on the smartphone site.

Mobile 404’s - If your content is not available in a smartphone-friendly format, serve the desktop page instead.

Page speed - Optimising a page's loading time on smartphones is particularly important!

Google’s recommendation is to give your website a responsive design, so your website supports all devices on the same URL.

This all might sound a bit technical but if you have any questions about your website and whether it is mobile-friendly you can contact our experienced team at i3MEDIA and we can advise what is best for you and your website. 

To find out more about what Matt Cutts announced directly on the Google Webmaster Tools Blog

Posted On
Jun 12 2013