If you are like one of the many businesses out there that have neglected their social media presence of late, it might be time to get back onboard.
With hundreds of ‘likes’ and ‘fans’ sitting idle on your page, there could be a great deal of opportunity that you’re missing out on. Particularly with the festive season fast on the approach, customers will be looking for a bargain or a unique gift idea. Click here to learn more about how i3MEDIA can improve your social media campaign!
With approximately 1.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a free platform to announce your wonderful business, and it’s offering.
The social media giant offers ample opportunity to see exactly what your customers want, what they’re doing, what they’re saying and everything else. With likes and shares then forwarding your products on to hundreds more friends and fans, your outreach increases unbelievably.
But what do I say?
If you are feeling a little out-of-touch with your social network, then there is no better time to get involved and start looking at your competitors.

  1. Are they regularly communicating with their users?
  2. Do they offer competitions and giveaways?
  3. Do they respond to praise and complaints online?
  4. Have they got a regular string of updates and news?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions, then you are likely to already be a little behind on your social engagement. If you are unsure of what to say, think about what you might say to a customer who has just walked into your store, or has called up with an enquiry. These are likely to be the sorts of questions that those online will also ask.
When should I start?

NOW! With social media, there is a constant and steady flow of activity taking place, meaning there is no right or wrong time to begin your social-media campaign.
To begin with, try setting aside 15 minutes per day to schedule some posts and updates and respond to any interaction you may have received.
I think I need some help!

No problem, if you would like some assistance with your social engagement and SEO campaign, then get in touch with our experts today, and we’ll go through an on-site analysis with you. 

Posted On
Oct 19 2016