The economic climate over the last decade has seen dramatic change, largely turning consumers to look for convenience and savings.
These two buzzwords often lead customers to the net, where they will surf the likes of eBay, Amazon and others for a marginally cheaper product. For some of us, we’re not too bothered about the price, in fact, we would just rather have it delivered as going to town just isn’t a viable option.
Multi-Channel e-Commerce allows your business to reach out to all those people currently looking on eBay for a reduced cost wardrobe, or Amazon for a DVD player. If your products are not on these marketplaces, then you are missing out on vital traffic.
It sounds complicated to sell multi-channel...

Selling across multiple marketplaces requires strict attention to detail and precise stock management. If you are not supplying ample time to the management of these, it can easily get out of hand, and losses can arise.
i3MEDIA has spent nearly a decade developing and refining a system that streamlines this process, by amalgamating all the marketplaces into one CMS and allowing you to add products to one system and push them out respectively. The system will format the listings in an accurate manner for your selected channels.
How does this benefit my stock management?
The system’s proven intelligence recognises a sale of a product from any channel and deducts this from the overall stock total. This means that there will be no crossovers or listings of products for sale that have actually already been sold via another channel.
The capabilities do not end there, with smart analytics, the system can advise what price on each channel is optimal for that time of year based on historical data, allowing you to make the best margins all year round.
Reduction in overall admin time
By managing all your points of sale in one system, not only is admin time severely reduced, equating to a reduction in costs. But there is also the reduction in error rates for manually entered shipping details. With the orders being pushed directly to the warehouse/courier the only person to blame for incorrect postal details is the customer.

If you think that you could benefit from a revised and improved approach toward your multi-channel e-Commerce business, then get in touch with our experienced team today.

Posted On
Jul 14 2016