Gone are the days that you placed an ad in the paper for 50p a day and had someone pop round in the evening to pick up the old bike.

Businesses have opted for marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and as a primary point of sale. However, these power-houses certainly take their fair cut of any profits made.

With so many consumers being prepared to part with their cash upon the belief that these sites are offering value for money and fair comparison, the online industry is booming. However, with some merchants selling on two or more of these popular marketplaces, it begs the question of efficiency.

Multi-channel E-commerce is the next generation of E-commerce. Allowing for businesses to sell their products via multiple channels, engaging with large numbers and a varied type of customer.

Solutions to provide an integrated service to manage multiple-channels are springing up like weeds; unfortunately similar to weeds they aren’t always so welcomed.

For businesses desperately trying to reach beyond the ‘same old’ realms of their industry, outgrowing your existing platform as the company flourishes becomes inevitable, often resulting in a struggle to find a ‘new and improved’ system that works for you. That is where our Multi-Channel E-Commerce solution comes in, and you can be sure that whatever your next step is, our system will grow with you.

Seamless integration with the likes of the aforementioned channels is vital to the success not only of the website itself but also to your business. Our solution is capable of integrating with both Amazon and eBay listings by default, as wells as others such as, managing orders, offering stock analysis and warehouse integration, to name but a few capabilities.

Yet, the real advantage comes with our analytics and statistics dashboard, offering invaluable insight to your business. At the click of a mouse an overview is available of all the important stats you need, for example top selling products, revenue graphs, items low in stock and your average gross profits. Having this information available on tap keeps businesses fully engaged and informed at all times, vital in such a fast paced industry. 

Recognising the trends in the world of E-commerce means that we are fully aware of the buyers’ habits and traits, one of them namely being to purchase goods via their mobile device. i3MEDIA keep clients in-line with if not ahead of their customers buying habits, adapting our solutions accordingly to maintain excellent user-experience.

If you are currently selling using multiple channels and have not got a flexible and secure solution, we are awaiting your call.  

Posted On
Jun 18 2015