Many of us will typically set ourselves a New Year resolution, and then perhaps find we have forgotten it before February has even begun. Well, this year, maybe you could consider making a resolution decision for your business. Of course, we all have great intentions of making a great start in the New Year, but how exactly and what will this include?
We've listed a few ideas, a few ‘hints and tips’ for you to take a look into and get to forming your next move.
Are you ONLINE or are you online?
Having and maintaining a web presence is one thing, but making this web presence work for your business is another matter and one that should not be overlooked. What are your visitors, customers and clients coming to your website for? Are they looking for information, are they looking to book or are they looking to buy? There is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to websites, they need tailoring and fitting to your business model, just like a fitted suit.
E-commerce and booking systems, in particular, have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last 18 months, and consumers fully expect to be able to complete their needs via a website. However, there is one very key aspect here that they are also looking for, and that is efficiency.
Specific landing pages, simple add to basket options, product comparisons, and a swift booking process are all paramount to your overall experience if any of these are lacking – let's have a chat.
Content not words.
It can be an easy trap to fall into - to populate your website with text when it goes live and then proceed to forget about it. Let’s just clarify - that is not okay. We recommend having a quiet word with yourself about this and then addressing the matter with due diligence.
Remember Google and your visitors will expect relevant blogs, product descriptions, and events information. Neglecting this responsibility could pose a very real threat to the trust that has been instilled in your website, and we don’t just mean from Google…
If you are finding it too taxing or nigh on impossible to add content or amend content on your website, your CMS system could be really lacking. The i3CMS allows for easy access to all the content on your site and also possesses the ability for multi-admin control.
Watch this space for Part 2, giving you a few more pointers to consider for the New Year.
If you have any questions or needs regards your digital business offering, get in touch with our team of experts here at i3MEDIA today.

Posted On
Dec 05 2015