So you have made it to the secondary part of our New Year, New Digital Resolutions piece… You’re either planning a few big changes, really like our posts or are skipping doing those emails.
Mobile Site

It is time to recognise that mobile is here to stay. Whether you are selling shoes or offering spa breaks, consumers fully expect to be able to complete these operations online, and via their smartphone. The excuse of ‘not everyone has a smartphone’ is really not valid anymore. Like it or lump it, you need to get a move on with making sure you’re ready to tackle 2016 with a mobile-capable website.
With Internet access now available on the London Underground and in most public spaces, people are turning to their smartphones more and more. Our advice, in short, would be not to get left behind, as this ship will very soon be sailing and you’ll not be able to catch it.
Of course, we are ready and waiting to take your call should there be anything we can help with regarding your online and mobile presence.

Whether you are looking to increase traffic to your site, or simply stir up interest in your latest product range, it won’t happen by magic, unfortunately.
A careful, structured and strategic approach is needed to ensure you are pleasing both Google and all the people out there that will be searching for your products and services.
Be wary, though, SEO agencies can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. With so many black hat practices, it can be easy to achieve top page rankings... however, as soon as Google spots this, you’ll effectively be wiped off the face of the Internet.
Let us take the hard work on while you deal with the incoming enquiries and the real business matters. Our SEO team here in Peterborough are experts at what they do, with white hat techniques and market leading ideas, your brand is in good hands.
So speak to us today, regardless of the need, and we will do all we can to come up with an accurate and appropriate solution.

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Dec 09 2015