Online presence and online visibility might seem like similar terms in a literal sense. However, in the SEO world these are two completely different things altogether. Hence it is possible for new businesses or website owners to confuse the two and use them interchangeably. Today’s post will set the record straight. We will highlight the differences between the two terms and more importantly talk about how these two different terms ultimately accomplish the same goal that is to make your company website a money site.

Online Presence

Online presence is easy to explain and accomplish. Having a website live on the web constitutes online presence. It is as simple as that. This is the very first step every company that is serious about introducing their brand online, takes in order to stake their claim on the World Wide Web. It is an absolute must for new businesses in today’s internet dominant world.   

This is why good web design is so important when creating a website from scratch. It is also interesting to note that SEO essentially starts off once a site goes live with the very first order of business being getting the site indexed by all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Online Visibility

Making your site visible is a different beast altogether. First and foremost, online visibility is all about SEO and how successfully you execute it. While acquiring some visibility can be no problem at all, gaining ‘visible visibility’ or noteworthy visibility can be an exceedingly difficult task depending on your industry and niche. In order to achieve that, SEO practitioners utilise numerous techniques and strategies that work in tandem with each other on the back end of the website to give the website more authority in the eyes of the viewers and trust in the eyes of the search engines. Digital agencies specialise in these techniques that take months to painstakingly craft and execute.

Do I Need Both?

Yes you do. Both terms are inter-dependant on each other. Without presence there can be no visibility. Without visibility, the site will eventually be booted out of Google’s index and while it will maintain online presence, it will be minimal (as in only people who know the exact URL of the website will be able to view in on their browser). Every website has a front end and a back end. You need to work on both to ensure a successful money site. The front end, which is the part web browsers display to the viewer, needs to consist of quality web design that is both SEO friendly and visually appealing to the eye. The back end of the website revolves around search engines and SEO. Things like Onsite, PPC, social media, keyword utilisation and content creation are just a few key components that work together to strengthen your web presence and visibility.

If you are a new and upcoming business that is seriously thinking about creating a corporate website, it is absolutely vital that you get it right from the very beginning. At i3MEDIA, we are mindful of this and thus one of our top priorities is making sure that our new clients take that very first step with confidence in the right direction. Contact i3MEDIA through our website or facebook for more information.

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Dec 02 2013