Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means hopeless romantics everywhere are preparing their opulent proclamations of love. Contrary to popular belief, however, February 14th isn’t just for besotted couples or those with romantic feelings for another; Saint Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and demonstrate love in any and every capacity, including for your business.

For small business owners, their companies are arguably their biggest labour of love – or at least they were at some point. If your business has been feeling a bit neglected lately, show it some TLC in time for Cupid’s arrival. After all, no matter how you feel about public displays of affection, Valentine’s Day is a lucrative time of the year, and even if you’re not in the business of jewellery, flowers or chocolate, there are several ways you can capitalise on this late-winter festival of love at the same time as giving your website the attention it deserves.

PDA – Public Display of Affection

According to ReviewTrackers, social media websites like Facebook are growing in popularity for consumers looking to both leave and read reviews, more so than independent review sites. Given that 75% of small business owners cite reviews as important to their financial standing and company reputation, gaining positive reviews is essential.

There’s nothing wrong with asking your clients to leave you a review on your social media platform. Getting people to express their public affection for your business can and so often does provide a healthy boost to a company – and there’s no better time to get people to share their love for your business than in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Publicise Your Business

When it comes to relationships, many people feel more secure when their significant other publicises them and draws attention to them – especially on February 14th. The same goes for your business; the more exposure you give it, the more secure it will become. The power of promotion is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to social media. No matter what your business sector is, you can benefit from social media promotion – particularly if you’re a B2C company.

According to a study conducted by Clutch and Smart Insights, 52% of social media marketers said their sales and revenue is positively impacted by social media, making it a key aspect of a digital marketing strategy.

If you sell physical products, it’s a particularly lucrative endeavour because according to Sumo, $6.5 billion was earned by the top 500 retailers in 2017, and with online shopping habits ever-increasing, the earnings from social media are only set to rise, especially on Valentine’s Day.

In 2020, UK consumers spent £855 million on the day of love [Statista], showcasing its lucrative potential – if you’re well-placed.

In terms of other forms of promotion, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are a good avenue to go down for most businesses, and when used in conjunction with social media promotion, the added exposure will bode extremely well for your brand awareness, lead generation and/or revenue.

Even if you’re not selling romantic gifts like chocolates and flowers, you can still take advantage of the increased number of online shoppers on this particular day of the year simply by making sure you have adequate promotion in place.

Give the Gift of Time

The biggest show of affection in any capacity – romantic-wise or business-wise – is to invest your time. If you’re a small business owner, odds are you’ve devoted a considerable chunk of your life to getting your business off the ground, but when you do eventually ‘make it’, it’s essential that you don’t take your foot off the pedal. Keep putting a lot of time and effort into your business and it will treat you well.

Of course, life can sometimes get in the way – especially when there’s a global pandemic – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dedicate the time. If you and your team are finding that there are not enough hours in the day to give your company the time it needs, consider employing a marketing agency.

Here at i3MEDIA, we can show your business the love it needs this Valentine’s Day. Our talented team of creative marketers are experienced in every aspect of digital marketing, including web design, content writing, PPC and social media management. If you don’t have the time to give your business the attention it needs, we do.

We recently helped one of our clients generate more than £40k in sales from a targeted PPC campaign, and we can help you achieve the same.

Other Valentine’s Day Ideas

Many of the Valentine’s Day suggestions we’ve compiled so far are more of a long-game approach, but there are a handful of other ways you can get in the romantic spirit this February.

  • Valentine’s Day promotions – offer customers a discount (14% for February 14th) when they shop with you online. Up to 77% of consumers admit that promotions and discounts influence where they shop [Retail Me Not]. Make sure you push it via adverts. A carousel advert on Facebook will work well, but it can also be enhanced by PPC. This can apply to almost every product – everything is a gift to the right person!
  • Valentine’s Day logo update – lots of online businesses like to get in the spirit of certain holidays like Christmas and Easter by updating their logo. It’s an easy-to-implement tactic that can add a small element of fun to your website.

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Feb 09 2021