For many years, we have all been saying that digital is the future of marketing, resulting in the death of print media – but is the future now?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, not entirely.

While print advertising can offer national  and even  international - outreach, there is no guarantee that the advert will be presented to the correct audience, not to mention the costs involved to land such a large potential audience.

Targeted Campaigns

This is where digital marketing really takes off. An online advert can be tailored to suit almost any budget and target audience – ironically displayed in an infamous Google print advertisement.

Digital marketing campaigns have become the norm, especially for smaller companies which do not possess a massive marketing budget and want to maximise the value of every penny spent.

Social media advertising is a real hit for such companies, with advertisers able to place an advert in front of an exact audience based on age, location and interests. Once a click has been registered, indicating an interested party, that business can then engage with the potential customer and begin to build a relationship.

Measurable Outcomes

With an online digital marketing campaign, everything can be measured and reported on, whereas a print advert relies on a lot of guesswork based on figures that may not be readily available for weeks or months.

For example, an advert placed in a national newspaper may or may not have been seen by all of its readers, and the chances that every person who saw the advert will consider it relevant to them is slim to none.

With an online advert, it is possible to track the number of impressions and clicks, thus providing accurate data for the advertiser who can deem whether the campaign has been a success or not.

Continued Growth of Digital Marketing

It is forecast that the rise of digital marketing will continue to rise; with an annual growth at a rate of 11.15%, 2015 saw an eye-watering $187 billion spent on advertising in the United States alone, with 28% ($52.8 billion) of that spend utilised on digital campaigns.

Digital marketing came second only to television, with $79 billion spent, and above print ($28 billion) in third.

So, ask yourself - can you afford to miss out on the second biggest form of marketing available for your business?

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Posted On
Feb 21 2017