The charity and non-profit industry is huge, with over 168,000 charities registered in England and Wales in 2018 and the number steadily increasing. With such a large number of charities lobbying for the attention of potential donors, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard. Fortunately, this is where i3MEDIA prevail and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with several of the UK’s leading charities in 2019, including Muslim Aid, UK Islamic Mission and Barnardo’s.

We have over 12 years of experience working with charities and non-profits in the UK and beyond, providing high-quality, functional and user-friendly websites supported by effective SEO campaigns to improve visibility in the competitive online market. Our experience in the charity industry has helped us deliver numerous successful campaigns, including an incredible growth of over 80,000 unique organic visitors over a year for one of our charity partners.

Fundraising Through Sharing

Whether it’s driving donations by highlighting the success stories of previous campaigns or encouraging further donations through social sharing, we understand what charity audiences want to see. By providing visually engaging campaign pages and effectively crafted content, we inspire contributors to share the campaigns they are supporting. From the moment you land on an i3MEDIA designed charity site, donors are guaranteed a seamless user experience, whether they’re browsing active campaigns and viewing stories from the individuals that you have helped or adding their chosen campaign to the cart and signing up for recurring donations.

With Mobile-First having been introduced by Google in March 2018, the push to offer a mobile-friendly website has gradually become increasingly important and today is a necessity for websites wanting to compete with their market-leading rivals. Part of our online charity solution is designing and building a dedicated mobile site, ensuring that our charity associates can maximise their received donations, even when their site visitors are out on the move or attending events.

The Impact of our Strategies

We don’t just provide individual services; we offer full-service solutions for online visibility and growth. Our experience allows our team to build and inform across your entire charity digital strategy, taking you from strength to strength across all forms of digital platforms.

Our past SEO campaigns have shown great success for our charity partners and on average our websites achieve a 3% conversion rate, which is almost 3 times the industry average conversion rate of 1.1%. Not only have our strategies seen success in driving donations, but the improved organic visibility also enabled our charity partners to reduce the amount spent on paid adverts, allowing them to retain a greater portion of contributions.

One of our best performing charities saw a huge improvement in their conversion rates, resulting in an increase in organic revenue of over 2000% and a 47% improvement in organic visitors the year following their site relaunch. This incredible improvement was a testament to the work i3MEDIA put into their new website and campaign launch, improving visibility while encouraging continuous and larger contributions from their target audience.

Another of our leading UK charity partners have not only seen an impressive drive in growth and donations, but every aspect of the organisation was positively affected by i3MEDIA’s efforts. We received glowing feedback across all departments, from those on the ground delivering support, to individuals in need, to the board of trustees and senior leadership team.

With an unrivalled digital strategy that encourages greater donations, every aspect of the organisation can benefit and develop. From being able to react immediately to emergency natural disasters and breakouts of conflict, to enabling the set up of regular help for those who are vulnerable and living in hard to reach locations.

Barnardo’s Working with i3MEDIA

In 2019, we were approached by leading charity Barnardo’s to design and create a dedicated campaign that supported their Kidsmas winter appeal. With the aim of driving donations that would be used to return the magic of Christmas to children with difficult home lives, the campaign needed to capture the spirit of the season while offering a fun and engaging way for donors to make their contributions.

The chosen method of encouraging donations was fundraising through gamification and required a complete reimagining of the fundraising platform. Rather than simply showing a record of the highest contributors, the process was designed as a fun competition to throw the most snowballs with an added aspect of personalisation for the campaign owner. The campaign needed to be entertaining, engaging and capture the attention of the intended target audience – all of which was achieved with an incredible turnaround of just 6 weeks.

In today’s modern society, with the uptake of social media, many online visitors are influenced by the need to share their activities with friends, family and followers. It’s a given that when people give to charity, the majority will also want to share that they’ve contributed which provides encouragement and light-competition for their network to do the same. Our Barnardo’s campaign built upon this need to share, making it easy for one-click sharing across all major social media platforms, accompanied by a customised share image that generated based on the fundraiser’s snowman.

You can view our Barnardo’s Kidsmas case study here.

Start Your Digital Strategy Today

It’s no secret that a comprehensive digital strategy can make all the difference for businesses trying to develop and grow online. However, it’s not always practical for businesses, especially charities, to hire a dedicated in-house marketing individual or find the time to learn and understand digital strategy for themselves. That’s where an experienced full-solution agency can help.

Whether you know a little or a lot, i3MEDIA is here to support you as you establish and grow your charity online, providing a quality service for every aspect of your digital strategy. Part of strategy building at i3MEDIA is not just improving online visibility but making the user experience enjoyable, whether it’s getting to know an orphan before signing up for sponsorship or providing feedback on exactly how and where your donor’s contributions have helped.

Are you a charity looking to improve your online visibility and drive donations? Get in touch with i3MEDIA’s dedicated charity team today and let us help you focus on the things that matter to your charity – being on the ground and helping those less fortunate – while we take care of the rest.

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Feb 11 2020