The worldwide web. It’s a big concept, and if you think too long and hard about it, it can be one that many struggle to get their head around. For the vast majority of people though, it is enough just to know it’s there.
Whether they need it to access something on the Cloud, check the news and weather, or keep everyone updated via their social media profiles; the internet is always there.
Except for when it’s not.
You’ve been there when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and your Wi-Fi cuts out. Frustration turns to quiet rage, and before you know it, you’re cussing the web for its false claim of being worldwide…
But things are starting to change.
Of course, connectivity is nothing new, and wireless technology has already seen to it that we stay connected on the move. But there's still scope for more. Places previously cut off from all things mobile, technological, digital, and quite frankly, modern, are now boasting Wi-Fi access.
That’s right; it’s not just coffee shops and public spaces that are web-friendly. National parks across the world are enjoying a piece of the 21st-century pie, and even natural wonders like peaks and beaches are getting connected.
In fact, it was recently announced that even Mount Fuji, Japan, was going to benefit from a Wi-Fi hotspot, where hikers and holidaymakers could access the internet on whatever device they have with them.
The arguments for this are convenience, safety, and connectivity in the case of emergency. This translates loosely to people clinging to the cliff face with one hand and Instagramming the experience with the other, or checking the weather conditions and safety announcements during their trek. In either case, it is a testament to the internet’s place in the world, and the dependency people have on it.
So if you ever needed a reason to take stock of your website and prepare it for a world gone digital, this is it. When the world’s mountains move towards mobile, you can consider it a giant neon reminder that the internet is, indeed, king.

Posted On
Jul 15 2015