Contactless payment has been a trend for a while now.

Maintaining that awkward stance when you are waiting for the cashier to nod in your direction to say the machine is ready, while you’ve been holding your card there for a solid 30seconds.

However, Apple Pay has now thrown another spanner in the works of cashier/customer etiquette. Initially the question, ‘Can I pay with my phone here?’ followed by ‘Oh do I need to take the cover off?’ only to be met with the response ‘We only take cash at this till.’ The struggle is undoubtedly real, and yet we still persist with the attitude that we must use this latest technology because it’s the digital age.

While the general population trudges through this ordeal, eventually getting to grip with the whole concept, it is time to address your e-Commerce presence and decide how convenient the checkout process is.
We have now come to realise that consumers will pursue almost anything that claims to be ‘easier’ or ‘more convenient’. Armed with this information it is time to take a look at the customer journey that your clients face from landing on your site, right through to checkout.
For example, do you lack the option for guest checkout? Do you have multiple postage options? Is there the ability to pay with a saved card? These are the questions that industry leading online stores asked as this generation was moving from pocket money to wages.
With the option to spend money at the touch recognition of a fingerprint on your mobile, from the comfort of your own bed; people couldn’t be any more ready to part with their hard-earned cash.
So, what are we saying? We are saying that in order for this to take place you need to ensure your site has been developed with optimal user-experience in mind.
If you have taken a look recently with fresh ideas and thought that something is lacking, don’t waste more time, get in touch with us today.
Our teams are experts at e-Commerce solutions along with ensuring that the processes are as straightforward and efficient as possible. This applies to all of our clients; from large international charities right through to the power tools industry.

Posted On
Aug 30 2015