Start-ups and SMEs are frequently faced with the overwhelming prospect of investing in digital. However, the term investment is not used lightly here, and this is the unfortunate reality that aspiring businesses are faced with.

 Value for money is something that seems inherent in human nature, but at times this can lead to our demise, rather than rise.  In our search for the best price, the level of craftsmanship and expertise for the price can be an afterthought. After all, a website is a website, right?

 Unfortunately, as with many things, this is not the case. We needn’t go through the endless examples, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and cough up that little bit more in the first instance, to save us three-fold over the coming years.

 As with many products, a level of assurance post-purchase is key to aiding confidence with the brand and product, allowing for peace of mind with the expenditure. However, with the majority of off-the-shelf web solutions, their level of support ends once the purchase is complete.

 Naturally, with any new digital venture, it is likely that there will be teething issues, whether that is in the format of technical hiccups or a requirement for further training. By investing in an established agency, there comes a level of trust, reassurance, and support that is inevitably vital when taking the first steps into such a demanding and evolving industry. Click to view our expertise as a Peterborough marketing company.

Typically, upon spending any level of investment, there is the question of longevity, both from the agency’s point of view, and also the client. By providing a future-proof and scalable web solution,  a start-up company can transition into a profitable and growing business, without the need for concern that their business model will outgrow their digital offering.

 Conducting research is vital to any investment, particularly with an online and digital venture, because there can be many organisations that will offer the world and deliver very little. Finding out the hard way can be a costly learning curve.

 As an established and nationally recognised agency, we have a substantial level of trust in the industry that is highlighted by our loyal clients.

 If you would like to talk to one of our i3MEDIA consultants, then get in touch with our team today for an initial chat that will indicate a tailored solution to fit your business model. 

Posted On
May 06 2015