Upon completing their purchase, it can be all too easy to forget about customers and move on to your next campaign or sale. Well, stop right there. What if all those people that had bought from you once came back and purchased again, and again?
Remarketing is one of the most vital aspects of any E-commerce business. You are in a strong position to capitalise on past consumers since their trust will already have been established; their accounts will be set up, and they will be familiar with the website.
So what are some of the top ways to re-engage with these customers? Take a look at i3's pointers below to get some ideas for this huge section of the Sales Calendar.

Sure, everyone loves a discount code; all of a sudden we seem able to spend some cash if there is the option of 10% off. By sending regular emails to previous customers, you are keeping your brand at the forefront of their attention. However, this won’t necessarily convince them to return for more. That said, a regular email with a coupon code, just for them? We don’t think we need to say any more on that matter.
Ensure you send out codes at the right time, in your data capture you will have things such as their last purchase and their birthday, use this to your advantage and tailor your conversation accordingly.
Loyalty Scheme

There is certainly no denying that individuals are roped into buying from particular stores or suppliers based on what return they get aside from the product. From petrol stations to supermarkets, coffee shops to cosmetics, there is always a loyalty scheme to be had.
While you might not have a stamp card for your online store, there is no reason you cannot introduce a points system or a referral scheme. Manage your ‘giveaway’ by giving your customers a referral code that allows their friends and family 5% off but also gives them 10% off. With two winners, they are going to be doubly enthusiastic to get shopping.
Follow Up

There really is no harm asking for some feedback, after all – it’s completely up to you what you do with it.
Whether it is upon purchase or a week after, send a brief questionnaire over to your customers, either asking about the product, their experience on the site, or their favourite TV show. Whatever stats come back, they’ll be useful and will offer insight into your customer base. So if you know that 80% prefer vanilla scented candles to slippers as a present, you’ll know what to stock up on and push this year or next.
If your E-commerce offering does not support these actions, and you are finding it difficult to re-market to your customer base, then it may be time to get in touch with us here at i3MEDIA.

Posted On
Nov 15 2016