With small talk of seamless user experience (UX) floating around and business owners scratching their heads, it can often be difficult to know what the company’s next move should be, or where to start, for that matter.
Yes, you may already have plans to dip a toe into the digital pond, but does this mean success from the moment you launch your website? Of course not and when it comes to design elements, all that chit chat about UX you’ve read up on will actually become essential, as you evaluate the way users are influenced and interact with the website.
Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply guessing and getting it right-first-time; it will take patience, research and time spent in the shoes of your customers. Factors like functionality, consistency, visual stimulation and brand personality, among others, all need to be considered too.
In addition, thinking about what your target audience would expect from your website is equally as important, as well as what you can do to ensure their experience on your website is unparalleled. As an example, if your audience demographic is the over-50s, it may be worth considering factors like text size for ease of use.
This isn’t to forget eye-catching design ‘above the fold’ (the section of a web page visible to users without having to scroll) to compel customers to want to find out more about your company and your products or services.
As we now live in an on-the-go society though, constantly skimming through pages online from our smartphones or tablets, it’s crucial that your UX design caters for this expanding trend. In some cases, the technique of placing your primary content in the universal above the fold is used, so customers have all the information (and guidance) they need to want to browse your website.
This is by no means the end of the road for UX design, however, as there is plenty more to think about. That is where specialist web design services from i3MEDIA come in, to shape your website to your exact specifications.
We have a lot of experience in this field too, working alongside companies such as Allens Caravans and Supremebeing to provide them with flawless UX designs that customers will engage with. And, of course, these great designs have only helped to improve the sites’ bounce rate and visibility.
So, if you’re ready to delve deeper into the digital world, get in touch with our experts today, for advice and support throughout your online journey. 

Posted On
Jan 20 2016