So we all know that Google Inc. is no more… Wait, what?
That’s right, Google Inc is now known as Alphabet Inc. While Google, as we know it (the ruler of the internet), will remain a company under the umbrella Alphabet Inc. it has indeed had a name change.
Here at i3MEDIA we are familiar with Google doing some rather bizarre things over the last decade. However, this certainly has come as quite the surprise to those within the digital world.
“Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies,” states Alphabet CEO, Larry Page.  These are detailed below as the following:

- Calico (Health Based Research)
- Fiber (Speedy Internet)
- Google (Search, Maps, YouTube, Android, Ads, Apps)
- Google Ventures (Venture Capital Business)
- Google Capital (Investment Fund)
- Google X (Auto-driving Cars, Google Glass, Internet by Balloon, Moonshots, etc..)
- Life Sciences (A Glucose sensing contact-lens)
- Nest (Smoke Alarms, Home CCTV, Thermostats and Connected Home Devices)

When we look at this list in its entirety, it’s astounding how much variation there is in the endeavors that Google is currently involved with.  That said, these will now be grouped together under the company Alphabet Inc. Sergey Brin is set to remain in charge of Google X, as the original Google co-founder, this seems fitting. Remaining at the helm for Nest is famed Tony Fadell, who brought us the iPod.
If you are wondering who the team that will be heading up Alphabet’s executive chairs are, they stand as follows: Larry Page as CEO, Sergey Brin as President, Eric Schmidt as Executive Chairman, Ruth Porat as CFO and David Drummond as Chief Legal Officer.
We are all wondering when this huge corporate make-over will take place, however, this is yet to have been made clear. It is, however, rumoured to be this year.

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Posted On
Aug 18 2015