The Recruitment sector is one of the biggest out there, and Jark Recruitment is one of its leaders. That is why we were concerned to see how much the sector was lacking in the way of digital strategy. So we did a little research and then approached Jark with our concerns and proposed solutions.

Jark were ahead of the rest of their industry, but they still had a way to go and i3MEDIA was the agency to get them there. We provided dynamic solutions and a simple but effective design, transforming their website and boosting their brand’s visibility.

Throughout the project we liaised closely with the team at Jark to ensure we really understood what they needed and wanted for their site, as well as how their business worked, at every level, on a day-to-day basis. We had to ensure that the website and system we were creating would accommodate everyone, from individual branches and site visitors to the head office and a national audience.

Plenty of research and analysis went into this project and we were able to develop bespoke systems and features that streamlined Jark’s processes and improved overall usability. The end result was a sophisticated system and an attractive, engaging, easy-to-use website.

We are pleased with the end product, and we have had positive feedback from Jark Recruitment. So take a closer look at the Case Study and the new website to see how i3MEDIA has ensured that Jark continues to see growth within their industry.    

Posted On
May 15 2013