The team at i3MEDIA have recently been asked to decide which colour they would like their new office chair to be; who’d have thought this would cause so much deliberation?
Turns out, the girls need to know they won’t clash with their outfits whilst the guys are only fussed about how far they can lean back on them.
It comes as a bit of a given that when working for a creative agency, there is always going to be some form of funky and bright furniture. We are ashamed to admit that this is not something we are exempt from. From bright green sofas to orange and purple beanbags and fake grass – we have our quota for jazzy office accessories.  
Whilst this stereotype is often fulfilled more than agencies care to admit, just how necessary are these bright, weird and wonderful additions?
Anybody who works in an office will be the first to admit that monotony and dull, drab colours can be the death of your sanity. While many members of our creative team already appear to have lost this, they seem adamant that the bright colours and fabulous fabrics help to keep their creative juices flowing.
Making sure our team are comfy, cosy and ergonomically supported is key to knowing they are in the best position to keep up the great work.
From our SEO team decorating their desks with all manner of sticky note variations to our Studio having an array of stuffed farm animal toys and our Sales team having filing cabinets stocked with chocolate biscuits - we are the epitome of a creative and digital agency.
If you have anything in mind that you want to discuss with any of our teams, whether that is our marketing services or web design solutions, get in touch today and we will be more than happy to invite you in for a chat.

Posted On
Apr 10 2015