Piranha Furniture set themselves a very clear vision and mission, to offer quality furniture at very competitive prices, while maintaining excellent customer service.

When we came on board with the team at Piranha Furniture we offered the task of ensuring that they had the best platform and solution to move forward with this mission. And of course, that is just what we did.

The company uses a variety of channels to sell their products through and the team here at i3MEDIA made certain that these could all be integrated into a single management system for pure efficiency.

We delivered a smart reporting and statistical solution that ensured Piranha could maintain optimal performance levels, in conjunction with their pricing across all sales platforms.

Not only did we integrate sales bases such as eBay and Amazon but we did so with French and German branches of these retail giants.

We carried on working with Piranha to ensure their new streamlined business was not kept quiet and worked on their digital marketing strategy too.

Don’t be kept in the dark, get on over to the Case Study and take a look at just how far Piranha and their business has come and just how streamlined their current solutions are, accommodating the growth of their mission.


Posted On
Nov 01 2014