Outdated, historic and lack of brand values - these were the 3 statements made by the team over at the Relko Group when asked what they thought about their old site.

As existing digital marketing clients of i3MEDIA they were well versed in the quality and determination we have as an agency to make things work in the favour of our clients. Having got to a stage where traffic was up but conversions were not as good as they could be we tackled the issue of the website.

The strategy was initially quite simple, develop a modern, brand oriented, multi-service website, which gave visitors a sense of the company's experience, across the various industries they operate and lead in.

This led onto brainstorms and conversations as to how we can further increase revenue, utilising the new site. So the introduction of an online store and tool hire services were added into the build.

The entire build was focused to not only be a creative and simple to use site, but also covering off the main objective - to assist with the digital marketing activities and allowing i3 to further generate awareness and footfall to the site.

Posted On
Aug 12 2013