Team Challenge are one of the UK and Ireland's leading Corporate Team Building and Entertainment Companies. As such they needed to make sure their site reflected this, unfortunately the previous site became large and almost impossible to manage on a day-to-day basis, looking tired and began to suffer from usability issues.

The client's were a pleasure to work with and the project became a personal favourite within the office, helped hugely by the quality of assets provided.    

i3MEDIA first began working with the Team Challenge Company in a digital marketing and SEO capacity, after achieving some great wins, the client mentioned looking at upgrading their site. We rolled out the red carpet and really showed the client what we could do, as someone who was extremely well versed in content management systems (CMS) and web development, having built the previous site, Gerard could immediately see the value of the i3CMS offering.

Our aim was to make sure the new site was unique enough to stand out from their competition, but simple enough for visitors to get round. Having spent a lot of time looking at the UI and how this will affect user enquiries we came up with an extremely visual proposal. Leveraging on the huge image library from the client we were able to really engage into showcasing the very best in offering in the market.

Porting over the vast amounts of content from the previous site and maintaining it in the current site and new template structure was a huge challenge, along with making sure the authority was not lost from an SEO and ranking perspective.

The end result is that the site now has extremely structured URL's, a fantastic navigational structure, and an easy to use and maintain CMS, for rapid and instant updates to the site.

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Posted On
Aug 22 2013